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How this site was created

jard.co.uk is part of the jard network. The jard network (jard.co.uk and jardMail.co.uk) is owned, created and designed by James Blatchford. Also affiliated with the jard network, but not necessarily part of it are BlokeAtBack and GAThrawn's blogs, these may come under the jard umbrella at some point in the future.

This site (jard.co.uk) is created, maintained and updated by James Blatchford. This site, it's text, images and design are Copyright © 1995-2007 James Blatchford, except where otherwise acknowledged.

All xHTML and HTML documents, CSS Style Sheets, JavaScript source files, Perl and CGI code in this site were created and edited by hand. Most pages have been fully validated and conform to the relevant standards.

Development and testing were carried out with the help of the (at the time) current versions of various web browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla SeaMonkey, Opera (and Opera Mini) and Microsoft Internet Explorer. The (various) test servers are running versions of the Apache Server. Adverts on this site and others in the jard network provided by Google Adsense.


Thanks to everyone for their help, encouragement, criticism, ideas, whatever...