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This page is the archived change log for the year 2006, please see the current change log for all recent changes. Note that since these are historical records some links may not work and some information may be out of date.

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How this site was created

jard.co.uk is part of the jard network. The jard network (jard.co.uk, jardMail.co.uk and blatchford.org) is owned, created and designed by James Blatchford. Also affiliated with the jard network, but not necessarily part of it are BlokeAtBack and GAThrawn's blogs, these may come under the jard umbrella at some point in the future.

This site is created, maintained and updated by James Blatchford. This site, it's text, images and design are Copyright © 1995-2006 James Blatchford, except where otherwise acknowledged.

Hardware and Software used

All HTML documents, CSS Style Sheets, JavaScript source files, Perl and CGI code in this site were created and edited by hand using either the excellent Araneae, or (previously) Windows Notepad on various Windows versions including NT 4, 95/98, 2000 and XP. Many HTML pages checked with either the CSE HTML Validator or the W3C's HTML, XML or CSS Validators for any errors in the code.

All graphics on this site were created from scratch using PaintShop Pro. All photos on this site were either taken with my Sanyo Digicam VPC-G250 digital camera or scanned from originals using my HP ScanJet 5300C scanner. Image and picture optimisation and manipulation was carried out using Paint Shop Pro, GIF file animations and special effects were added by GIF Construction Set. The only exceptions are the pictures in the advert section which were scanned in from various sources, then optimized using the above programs.

Development and testing were carried out at various times on Netscape Navigator 3.01, Netscape Communicator 4.7x, Netscape 6.x, Mozilla Suite M11-M18 & 0.7-1.7, Mozilla Firefox 1.0 and various other versions and builds of Gecko based web browsers, MS Internet Explorer 3.02, 4.01, 5.01 & 6.

The above software can be found at:

The above hardware can be found at:

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Thanks to everyone for their help, encouragement, criticism, ideas, whatever...