Animal Resource Quality and Price Calculator v1.46

This calculator has been created for Scouts and Rangers in the Star Wars Galaxies game who are starting a business and trying to make money by selling the resources they collect either on the bazaar or using a vendor. It is intended to offer you a guideline for calculating the weighted average quality (WAQ) and a suggested price for your goods.

If you've never used this calculator before please see the instructions at the bottom of the page.

Resource Type & Quantity
Base Quality
FL PE MA OQ SR UT Base Quality
Herbivore Meat, Avian Meat, Fish Meat, and Dathomirian Insect Meat
All other kinds of meat
Hide and Bone
Overall Quality
Average Quality0 - 500
500 - 800
800 - 900
900 - 1000
Cost per Unit
Cost per Unit (w/mod)
Totals (w/mod)            


In your in-game inventory select the resource that you're interested in and examine it. You'll now see a screen telling you its resource type, quantity and a list of its vital statistics, this should tell you all the information you need to enter into the form.

If you look at the "Type" attribute of the resource it will tell you what planet its from and which type it is, eg "Tatooinian Wooly Hide", have a look at the categories at the top of the page to see which your resource fits into and then check the relevant entry in the list (in this example you'd check the "Hide & Bone" box and enter its stats into the relevant line above. It may have other stats, but the listed values are the ones that we're interested in when calculating the price.

Then enter the quantity of the specific resource that you're going to sell into the box below that. A lot of buyers prefer it if you try to sell in round numbers (eg 500, 1000, 5000, etc) as this makes it easier for buyers to compare prices and work out how much they need for their crafting or factory runs.

An Average Quality will appear in the box below, this is an indication of the relative quality of the resource that you've got and can be used to help you decide what to harvest when you're out hunting. This value will tell you which range of prices your resource will fall into (eg if you have resources with an average quality of 530 then read from the "500-800, Medium Quality" column).

You can then read off your recommended price per unit, Credits Per Unit (cpu), and recommended Total Price for the stack from the relevant column.

The Quality Modifier field is optional. This is used to adjust the eventual totals for the difficulty of obtaining resources of a particular quality. For example, because we're looking to get four good stats in bone resources that is much rarer and harder to find than finding only two good stats in avian meat. The totals indicated as "(w/mod)" are the ones with the Quality Modifier factored in.


Fish take a long time to gather in large quantities, can be fairly tedious to catch in large quantities and don't give you much meat per fish; so many people price Fish Meat at a premium, perhaps a minimum of 10-20cpu for the poor quality resources rather than the 5cpu minimum many people use for other resources.

Milk can only be collected by a Scout (or Ranger) who has Mask Scented, or Camouflaged themselves, so you must have at least the Exploration 2 skill from the Scout profession to collect it. It can be collected from live specimens of certain female (or at least non-male) animals, it is used by Bio-Engineers and Chefs. Some chef recipes (eg Bantha Butter) have no requirements for the quality of the milk, but in several other recipes the stats on the milk do matter and generally are 33% each in OQ, PE & FL. Pricing varies a lot by server. Note that stats from domestic milk are often better than wild milk.

Eggs and Horn are the only remaining stackable and harvestable "animal parts", these have similar stats as other harvestable animal parts. Eggs can be collected from some creature lairs, select the lair and pick "Search Lair" from the radial menu, you now have a random chance of looting eggs, or some other random object such as a "Jar of Flies". Eggs are only named as a required resource in one current schematic, this is used by Bio-Engineers and lists the important stats as 33% each in OQ, PE & FL. Horn can only be found as random loot in some crates and debris piles in some caves and dungeons and is exceedingly rare (it spawns about as often and in similar places to clothing attachments). Horn is currently not known to be useful to crafters as anything other than a generic organic resource, it is not currently named as a resource in any schematic, and so the difficulty of harvesting it versus its usefulness means that there is no real market for it at the price you would need to charge to make collecting it in any quantity worthwhile and it is really only a curio and a relic of the game's very early days when it was directly harvestable from many animals.

Creature loot: many of the higher end (and a few lower end) creatures drop items that can be useful to you or other professions when you pick over their corpse. These should not be discounted as either an income source, or a way to help out your guild's crafters. These include Krayt Tissues and Pearls, Kliknik Glands, Peko Peko Albatross Feathers, Rancor Teeth & Giant Dune Kimogila Scales, amongst many others. Take a look at the stickied posts on the Ranger forums for more details. For this reason it is worth adding the "/loot" command to your loot macros. Note that the Devs have announced plans to revamp creature loot as one of the phases of the loot revamp, so please have a look at posts on the official forums for more info on this.

These prices are only to be used as a guideline; you should adjust your prices upward or downward depending on the economic conditions in your galaxy and the current availability of the particular quality of a specific resource.

Credits & Alternate Versions

This calculator is based on the formulae and methods outlined by Volsted Gridban in Volsted's Pricing Guide for Animal Resources on the official forums.

The current, official version of this calculator can always be found here at, other related resources will always be available from the home page here at

I have also written a downloadable version of this that is an MS Excel spreadsheet, the Ranger Resource Calculator Spreadsheet, this should work in most modern spreadsheet applications and has been tested in MS Excel versions 2000 and XP and in Open Office version 1.1.

An alternative DOS based calculator written by Rhyeal Shadowblade and based on the same formulae can be found at

The knowledge in the Notes section comes from a combination of personal knowledge and gleaning of various posts in the Scout and Ranger forums on the official boards.


Revision History

v1.46 Sunday 1/6/2008 (roughly 11.30pm)
In response to interest from webmasters of websites related to both nostalgic SWG websites, and the forthcoming SWG emulator projects, spent a few minutes tidying up the calc, so that they can use it/link to it.
Removed the Use Quality Modifier option as it never did anything, and is a bit pointless when you can just read whichever value you want from the table at the bottom anyway.
Also added rounding to the display of table cells to make it tidier, and remove pointless (and misleading) accuracy levels. for anyone who's interested, WAQ is now rounded to 2 decimal places, all CPU values are rounded to 2 decimal places too, and the totals are now rounded to the nearest whole number (but they internally use the full precision CPU value).
If you'd prefer to use the previous version without the rounding, use the link to v 1.45d below.
v1.45d Sunday 4/2/2007 (roughly 1.15am)
Changed a lot of the disabled fields to be readonly (as that was the original intent). This means that you can now copy/paste from the calculated fields.
I'm no longer playing SWG (and haven't for a long time) and the CU invalidated the formulae by changing recipes, and the NGE totally removed all need for this by killing off the two professions that gather the resources and most of the professions that use them (which was when I quit). This is only being updated because (a) leaving those fields set wrongly made me feel bad, and (b) I'm probably going to be using the code behind this elsewhere, so I might as well have it right for when I reuse it!
v1.45c Thursday 7/7/2005
When I increased the "Quantity" field, I totally forgot to take into account the fact that increasing allowed quantities from 'thousands' to 'hundreds of thousands', means that the eventual "Total" prices would also go up. Have now increased the size of all boxes in the "Prices" section accordingly. Small style changes made to make selections clearer and tidy things up.
v1.45b Monday 11/5/2005
Please note that the equations generating the Weighted Average Quality have not been updated to reflect the changed resource needs of doctors, armoursmiths, chefs and so on after the Combat Upgrade.
Updated, tidied up and corrected spelling and grammar errors in the documentation sections.
Increased size and allowed length of the "Quantity" field from 4 digits to 6, to allow for maximum size resource stacks of 100,000 units, you can now calculate resource quantities up to 999,999 units.
v1.45a Monday 15/10/2004
Updated documentation sections (added Milk, Egg and Horn for completeness), tidied up various other parts of the documentation.
v1.45 Tuesday 1/6/2004
Emphasis on ease of text entry using the keyboard alone (started in v1.41). Changes to aid this include:
Selecting a Resource Type now disables the number entry boxes for the other resource types, meaning that you should be able to tab through the form and unwanted boxes will be skipped over.*
Pressing the "Clear Form" button (either by tabbing to it and hitting Enter, or clicking it with the mouse or pressing Alt+C) now takes you back up to the top of the form so that you can quickly start entering a new resource.
* Unfortunately not currently working in Opera 7.x, tested and working in Mozilla based browsers and MS IE 6.
v1.41 Sunday 30/5/2004 (un-released)
v1.4 Sunday 2/5/2004
New major version, this has been fully tested and will give the same results as previous versions, if you do have any problems, or preferred the way the previous version worked, then please use the link to v1.35 below to use that, and please use the "Contact" link to the right to let me know why you're using the old version and how I can improve the new version.

Adjusted the column order in the Resource Quality entry section, these should now be in the same order that you see them in-game, hopefully making the data entry faster and easier.
Added an "AccessKey" to the "Clear Form" button, this means that you can now quickly clear the form and reset all the values by pressing this. In most modern graphical web browsers (such as MS Internet Explorer 5+, Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape 6+) these functions can be used by pressing and holding down the "Alt" key on your keyboard ("Command" key on Apple Macs), then pressing the letter "C". For example to clear the form now, press and hold the "Alt", then press "c" and then release both buttons.
Added a glossary section to list commonly used terms and their meanings, nothing in it yet though!
Further additions and changes to the instructions.
v1.35 Friday 30/4/2004
Tidied up boilerplate text and labels, reworded some of the instructions to be a little clearer.
v1.3 Tuesday 13/1/2004
Hyperlinked instructions.
v1.2 Saturday 10/1/2004
Quality modified columns now highlight properly. Clear Form button now clears highlighting on all highlighted fields. Additional HTML meta and link tags added to aid document navigation. Re-validated doc, validation errors corrected.
v1.1 Wednesday 7/1/2004
Corrected Javascript highlighting on the Prices table to highlight both the CPU and Total columns for the relevant quality range. Still not hooked up: the Use Quality Modifier choice currently does nothing, and the Quality Modified prices are never highlighted.
v1.0 Tuesday 6/1/2004
First public release. Announced on the Ranger forum on the official SWG discussion boards.